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The technological revolution of the 21st century has given rise to hundreds of companies, all vying for success in the age of information. Some companies have soared along the trend while others have been decidedly unsuccessful. Many companies’ successes are based on and driven by the Internet. One corporation whose name has become synonymous with any mention of the Internet is Google. Google’s technological reign is so prevalent, that according to “Business: Google’s enemies,” “In Silicon Valley, one of the first questions a potential investor asks a start-up is: “What would you do if Google moved into your space?”” Google’s manifest destiny attitude toward the Internet and technological advancements in general allow it to maintain its authority over the market. From the company’s beginning in 1996, Google has shaped the way the Internet has grown with a myriad of products and services designed to help both basic and advanced users.

Despite Google’s status as a household name, the company was founded little more than ten years ago. In 1996, Stanford Computer Science graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to create their own search engine. Following in the footsteps of the tech giant Dell, the search engine was first run from their Stanford University dorm room. However, Stanford’s servers soon buckled under the strain, and the Google operation was moved to a Silicon Valley garage in Menlo Park as a result. Soon after the transition to the garage office, the company’s growth began to escalate, becoming too much for Page and Brin to manage. This necessitated the hire of Google’s first eight employees, far too many for the small garage space. As a result, Google moved its headquarters to an office in Pal...

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...precedented growth and power, Google has come under scrutiny for such unorthodox search methods.

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