Google Malaysia and Hacking

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Google Malaysia website was hacked at 10 October 2011 morning (Malaysia Time), and this hacking issue is done by a team from Pakistan that called ‘Team Madleets’. They signed off the hacked website with Pakistan Zindabad (Vinod, 2013). Apart from that, ‘Team Madleets’ also known as team 1337, they was hacked other domain of several countries before. They are not supported by any other organization also (Phillips, 2013). In addition, Google Malaysia two domains were under attack and keep offline for several hours at the morning until late afternoon (Kashyap, 2013). Moreover, DNS poisoning attack was affected both domain of Google Malaysia (, and After the domain was affected, ‘Team Madleets’ success to access Malaysia Network Information Centre to change the records of domain and pointed the server to the server’s name of madleets like show below:
- Primary Name Server:
- Secondary Name Server:

Hence, no information have been changed on servers on Google at this time, it is a redirect attack (Panzarino, 2013).
The actor for this hacking issue, madleets stamped the Google Malaysia front page as the picture shown in Figure 1. This clearly proven this hacking issue was done by them.

The hacking issues not only happen from hackers to organization, but also attacked personal property like bank account, Facebook account, ATM card password, and so much. Hacking is a cyberethic issue which bring the meaning of use a computer to gain unauthorized access to information and data in a system without the intention of destroying data (Hacking, 2004).

Hacking is done by someone called Hacker. A hacker utilizes a...

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