Google Corporate Analysis

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Google has been created in 1996. It was a project of two students. The Ph.D students have made this research project. The students were experimenting on mathematical properties of the Websites. In this struggle they made such a page which is helpful in finding problems. The paper was concerned with useful information. The page was first run in 1995 on personal basis. The technology was also experimented in China and other places, (, 2014).
The script of Google is written in Java. This search engine actually determines the importance of other websites. The websites are individual which are accumulated on Google search engine to provide a result. Keyword based density provides good insight to Google research work. Google Inc was there in world in 1998, the name of Sun Co founder is Andy Bechtolsheim. Larry Page who is the actual inventor of Google stayed chairperson of Google Inc till 2011 since 2001 but in 2011 he assigned this duty to Eric Schmidt. Now, this chairman has expected to work for ten years,
The company also deals with ads. In 2000 a service named Ad Words is found created. The creation of online ads is giving business to loads of people. Currently there are mobile ads and video ads, all these ads can be seen on Google. The mission of Google is nothing else than compile information of whole world and make it useful for whole of the world. The digital mapping also started on Google in 2004. Current day maps of Google focus on traffic, directions and many other characteristics of mapping. Its headquarters are located in Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View. Larry inculpated with the search engine named as Backrub. The word Google is in numerical value a one followed by thousand zeroes. The name Google in fact der...

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