Google Code Of Ethics Essay

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Business and corporations have a huge impact on today’s society. These large businesses provide jobs, products, and services to the public and have a great influence in our community. In fact, it can even be said that some companies such as Google and Apple have a greater influence in our society over government or even church. Many of these large companies have a social responsibility, whether they realize it or not. These responsibilities include protecting the rights of its stakeholders and making ethical business decisions. These ethical decisions can be based on ethical norms such as rights and duties, justice, as well as utilitarianism (1). Unfortunately, not all businesses follow these ethical norms. However, in 2013 Forbes magazine…show more content…
The employees at Google, also known as Googlers are required to follow the company’s motto and serve its users. The company established this code of conduct in order to promote ethical behavior to both its employees and company itself. Its motto “Don’t be evil” is a way the company is able to measure and promote ethical business practices. Google expects all employees to follow its code of ethics, including Board members. If an employee is caught taking part in any act that goes against its code of ethics the employee will face disciplinary action. This code also applies to the company’s consultants or contractors…show more content…
Google is known for the benefits it provides its workers, playful office, and even the salaries it pays its workers. The company pays its account managers a minimum of over $48,000 a year. However, the average salary of a software engineer or developer is a bit over $80,000 per year. Compared to many other companies Google is said to pay its works fairly high wages. The company does in fact generate billions of dollars in profit each year and is known to share its profit with its employees (6).
Google Inc. may be rated as one of the top ethical companies in the global market. However, according to the Huffington Post, Google has begun to form into a monopoly in the search engine market. Google’s main competitors: Yahoo, MSN Live, and AOL fall behind when it comes to the amount of users. Google Inc. owns about 67% of the global search market, and many of its competitors such as Yahoo lag the market and only dominate 18% of its market. Although the company denies that it is a monopoly, researchers find that it dominates each industry it enters in by far.
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