Google Chrome Versus Mozilla Firefox

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The internet has developed into the go to source for communication, finding information, and entertainment. People look for the best way to use it and to get the most out of it. Browsers are programs that bring the World Wide Web to people on a variety of different devices. These platforms for exploring the internet have become more and more advanced as we make progress in the world of technology. They have to keep up to make sure they meet society’s demands and preferences. Two of the biggest browsers today are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They both bring the best that browsers have to offer. The first thing people notice when opening a web browsing platform is the design. Lately, browsers have started to choose sleeker designs. They barely have anything around the display anymore, unlike the toolbar heavy designs of the past. The buttons have become smaller and bars have become thinner. With Chrome there is a transparent bar at the very top that contains tabs. It then has a thinner bar underneath that contains all the buttons used to control the browser and the search bar. ...

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