Google Case Study: Google's Case Analysis Of Google

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Google is a renowned on-line organization that was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google’s mission is to gather as much information possible, arrange it, and present it in a manner that it can be universally accessible and valuable (McCracken, 2005). Fortunately, Google has succeeded in accomplishing its mission, as well as, gaining the competitive advantage. Google has facilitated the searching process for many people and provided numerous of services and tools that have significantly contributed to how people utilize the internet (McCracken, 2005). Now that Google has been explained, one will, in this paper, provide a summary of Google’s case study. In addition, one will, elaborate on how Google analyzed their value chain…show more content…
The case study revealed how Google immerged from a simple search engine to a boast of services and tools that meet consumers’ needs and wants. Essentially, these incorporated services and tools consist of web engines, like blogger, Picasa, keyhole, google maps, writely, and You Tube (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2013). Moreover, the case study elaborated on how Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page have embraced challenges, adapted to a world of advanced technology, managed risks, evolved, and ultimately dominated the market. Furthermore, the case study mentioned how Google’s capabilities, core competencies, and resources contributed to Google’s success and competitive advantage (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson,…show more content…
Google’s strength lies within its technology and technological infrastructure, which allows them the opportunity to obtain a strong market position. Google’s weakness, on the other hand, is in the social networking domain or in the lack of product information (Simoneaux & Stroud, 2011). Fortunately, Google’s increase globalization, production innovation, and internet usage can be considered beneficial opportunities. Unfortunately, Google must consider Microsoft and yahoo’s competition a threat along with any data swindles that may occur. That said, Google’s frequent evaluations and analysis is the drive force behind their unique strategic and differentiation strategies (McCracken,
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