Google Case Study

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Technology is a fast growing industries in the world and thus mounting the pressure to remain the best in this field. The case study surrounds the technology sector where the managers of the company, Google, are involved in a new project that requires research to find out how to enhance team working in the company (Duhigg, C., 2016, p. 1). Being in the technology sector, it is important for them to thrive because of the increasing changes due to technology. As such they have to stay ahead of their competitors by creating the best teams since technology has become the core of commercial culture all over the globe. Being a large organizational sector, companies like Google face managerial challenges which if not well taken care of can to the collapse of the company. Some of these challenges include the lack of the art to integrate employees from totally different backgrounds to have a goal-oriented team. Another challenge is lack proper communication channels in large organizational sectors. As such information might be distorted by the time it gets to those at the bottom and hence delays in meeting the company’s objectives (Duhigg, 2016, p. 1). Challenges may also come as a result of lack…show more content…
As such the top executives had to conduct research to find out the best ways to create the best teams. This research was named project Aristotle and the main idea behind it was to find why some teams were making it while other teams were lagging behind. According to the results given by the group assigned to project Aristotle, there are norms that shape a team which is different for every team (Seibert et al., 2011, p. 985). As such the key thing is determining the various norms that matter the most to a certain team to make it most successful. The responses given by the employees during the survey indicated that teamwork was of no major importance to the
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