Google Case Analysis

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Background: In origin the Google Company strived to provide organization and ubiquitous accessibility of the world’s information. In order to do so, the Google Company developed a search engine that was in fact complex but also simplistic as it enabled users to retrieve information pertaining to there exact search. Nevertheless, in order to adequately understand the type of information in which numerous users searched, Google began to embed cookies within users browsers so that sites could track users preferences and common searches within sites visited. As times advanced, these cookies began advancing to embedding it on users hard drives until it expired or the user removed it. However, with such persistent cookies, more and more concerns arose from users in regards to the expiration of data obtained, user privacy, nondisclosure policy for data obtained in Gmail. In regards to the following case, cookies stored within the computer used by Ken Winber’s employees at the East Coast Bank revealed that someone had searched or commonly visited sites on HIV/AIDS medications resulting i...

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