Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian

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'Goodnight Mr. Tom' by Michelle Magorian tells the story about a young boy who was evacuated from London in WW2. He stays with an elderly man named Mr. Tom in a town called ‘Little Weirwold’. As soon as William Beech arrives at the house, Mr. Tom soon finds out that he is from a very poor background and was badly beaten by his mother. Everything was going fine until Will's mother requests that he should return to London, as she was ill. Will did not write to Mr. Tom as he promised and that made him very suspicious, so he travelled down to find him. A warden locates him to Will's house and breaks down the door. When they find Will, he is trapped in a closet tied to a pipe, holding his dead baby sister. After a long time recovering William and Mr. Tom both head back to Little Weirwold, where William is helped back to health. Later on in the book; Zach’s father gets sick so he travels down to meet him in the hospital, where he is killed. The remainder of the book is about William dealing with the death of his best friend.

The chapter we chose to write about was 22, 'Grieving' be...
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