Good vs. Bad Leaders: A Healthcare Experience

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Self-Destruction Techniques A large number of leaders have destructive narcissism traits. There is also healthy narcissism traits. These are the same categories of destructive narcissism, however, they are lessened and caused by self-confidence (Vecchio, 2007). When comparing the two leaders they both have narcissistic traits, one is considered healthy, while the other is considered destructive. In the case of Mr. Smith, he does not show destructive narcissistic traits. This does not mean he does not show narcissistic traits. He has what Vecchio (2007) considers healthy narcissism. Mr. Smith has high outward self-confidence, is concerned about those around him, and follows through with plans that he makes (Vecchio, 2007). This has created trust within the department, and confidence that the director is competent enough to run the laboratory correctly. The healthy narcissistic traits, especially the self-confidence, can make his outward appearance see put together and be considered a political navigator. For Ms. Hall, she has many destructive narcissistic traits. This is partly due to her lack of education, and ability to have been able to create the position she is currently in. She has extremely high self-confidence, devaluation of others around her, exploitation of others, and a desire for power and wealth (Vecchio, 2007). Self-confidence can be great, but hers has gone from in line with reality to grandiose. Vecchio (2007) describes those with grandiose self-confidence as being a destructive narcissist due to their inflated sense of self-importance and arrogance. Ms. Hall generally thinks that she is the only leader that is needed within the laboratory, and can cause issues with the other leader, and the director. She will de... ... middle of paper ... (Gregoire &Arendt, 2004). This theory works best for most situations, as its nature is ever changing, because not every situation is the same. This is very true for the healthcare field right now. There are many laws and regulations that are being introduced due to the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Smith needs to keep this in mind when he is choosing the correct leadership theory. Ms. Hall uses a transformational theory. Transformational theories focus on the connection between leaders and the followers (Zhu, Sosik, Riggio, & Yang, 2012). The connections that Ms. Hall is making are not always a work relationship, but sometimes it is a personal relationship. Ms. Hall uses these connection so help motivated her subordinates. However, when she has to punish her subordinates the relationship is strained. Creating issues with her chosen transformational leadership style.
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