Good or Evil

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Good or Evil? The topic of this journal, is one that has caused much debate for a long time. Are we inherently good or evil at birth, or are we nurtured to be so? Many people believe that we have a natural tendency to be evil. Others think we are born good. To make thing a little bit clearer, I will give my definitions of what “good” and “evil” mean in this journal. “Good” as explained later, means “obeys rules and ethics of society over several centuries”. “Evil” means, “deliberate, or ignorant actions against rules of society”. Personally, I think that we are born impartial to either side, and it is our experiences, and the things that are impressed on us as we grow up. If a person were to grow up with no influences, then they would be pulled to what we see as evil, such as smashing a little RC car because it almost tripped them, which, if we didn’t know it was wrong, we would probably do so also. Another example toward my theory is that if you made two clones, and sent them down two paths, one to a rich family, and the other to a lower class family, at birth these two people are the same, and at death, they are entirely different. They could have been exactly the same, however, because of their upbringing, and experiences, they are entirely different people. An example not unlike my previous one would be my sister and I. We are twins, yet our interests are different, because we have perceived events differently, and we have had different influences in our lives. Even though she is a girl, and I am boy, I still believe if we had had the same experiences each other had, we would balance out to have relatively the same personality. Some people add to the theory I believe in. They say that what I say is true, however, they think that certain things are wired into the brain during creation, so two clones could be the same, (They both are genetically programmed to love a type of animal) but one likes dogs, and the other flying squirrels.

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