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1557 words

Leading Change Paper Upon completion of the simulation regarding Good Sport, it became apparent that some rapid changes were necessary in order for the company to remain competitive and profitable in today’s ever-changing, growing fitness equipment market. In the following paragraphs, a brief description of Good Sport will be given, as well as listings of various techniques and strategies that the executives and management teams within Good Sport can employ to manage resistance to change and to manage conflict with the organization. Good Sport is a fitness equipment manufacturer based in Coral Springs, Florida. Good Sport manufactures various types of fitness equipment, such as treadmills, bikes, rowers, and steppers. Good Sport was founded fifteen years ago by ex-basketball star Jason Poole. The company sells its products to hospitals, clubs, hotels, and residential homes. At Good Sport, there is currently a top-down organizational management structure in place. There are varying levels of management, starting with the Chairman of the Board, then the CEO, the Vice Presidents, etc. This organization structure is also referred to as a vertical management structure, as opposed to a horizontal management structure, which employs many managers who are on the same level within the company. A top-down, or vertical organizational management structure is the structure most commonly used in organizations of today. At Good Sport, the culture is rather laid-back and an emphasis is placed on creativity and new innovations in the fitness industry. The company promotes creative challenges to its employees, and in turn, the employees have a great deal of respect for the CEO and management team, and they strive to impress the CEO with their ideas and work ethic. The culture is sales-driven, but the sales team does not promote just any product. The product must meet their standards and guidelines and the sales team prides itself on creating products of the utmost quality and innovation. The employees of Good Sport are very dedicated to the management team and the creative atmosphere that exists within the organization. The structure and culture of the organization are definitely related, because without effective leadership in place, the employees would lack the guidance and principles necessary to meet the company’s goals. The overall vision and goals of the company are put into place by the CEO and management team and then the enthusiasm then makes its way down to the employees via the management team.

In this essay, the author

  • Recommends that management base employee reviews and/or salary increases and promotions on which employees are able to successfully embrace and implement changes.
  • Recommends providing employees with proper and adequate training for any new process being introduced. training efforts should include classroom sessions, hands-on training, and checklists to monitor each employee’s progress.
  • Advises employees to prove the validity of the process' benefits by showing proven results from other companies to employees.
  • Opines that providing employee feedback and ideas for improvement is the best way to diffuse resistance to using applications or tools in support of a process.
  • Opines that a policy that allows no exceptions is the best preventative measure.
  • Encourages employees to build relationships with their subordinates. they encourage them to ask about their accomplishments, challenges, and issues.
  • Recommends getting regular, written status reports that include accomplishments, current issues and needs from management, and plans for the upcoming period.
  • Recommends developing procedures for routine tasks and including employees' input. distribute procedures and get employees’ review of the procedures.
  • Recommends holding management meetings once per month to communicate new initiatives and status of current programs.
  • Describes good sport as a fitness equipment manufacturer based in coral springs, florida.
  • Opines that it would be in the best interest of good sport if the current top-down, vertical management style were to stay in place, with minor enhancements.
  • Explains the importance of an anonymous suggestion box where employees can voice their ideas and opinions without being ridiculed or rejected.
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