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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Sales Representative?

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Not all sales representatives are equal. What makes the difference between a good and a bad sales representative?

Customers' knowledge

A sales representative is first and foremost characterized by its knowledge of its customers. A good sales representative has a good customer base and maintains good relationships with all its individual clients. Good sales agents visit their customers or call them regularly. They know their needs and they know how to answer them.

Visiting customers is very important and cannot be stressed enough. It is only through regular visits that the representative can meet more people in that company. More contacts means
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What is the purchasing cycle like? Who makes decisions along the way? Is the purchasing decision based on price, quality, delivery, service? Is the customer expecting a discount as part of the purchasing process? These are a few questions that a good sales representative will know the answers to.

Knowledge of the industry

A good sales representative not only understand each and every individual customer, but it also understands the market as a whole. Principals are hungry for market information. Key information includes:
•Market growth: Is it a growing market, is the market flat, is it stagnating?
•Market trends: Are there new products being introduced? Is there any breakthrough innovation, any disruption to an existing market?
•Competitors: How are they positioned? Are the competitors' products perceived as inferior, equal, or superior to the product they represent? What is the unique selling proposition of the product being represented? What is the demand for that product vs. the competitors'?
•Feedback: What improvements to the product are the customers suggesting or requesting?

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Any company will prefer a representative that gives regular reports. A sales representative that brings less revenue but that gives better reporting can in certain cases be preferred to a representative that does not report on its activities. Managing representatives is crucial for a company.


Customer contact is very important for any company, in order to get feedback on its products, to know about new trends and new customers requests, and to know about new products that customers would like to see. Selling through sales representatives cuts the direct link between a company and its customers. A good sales representative must relay customers concerns and requests to the company it represents. Sales representatives must be opened to discussion and must listen to their clients.

A good sales representative must also report negative comments from the customers. Any company is interested in constructive criticism, which can make products evolve to better serve the customer. Sales representatives must understand customers' criticisms and must provide constructive feedback to the principals.
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