Good Quality of Life

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Good Quality of Life

Investigating the hypothesis that suggests:

"All of the residents of Stevenage New Town have been provided with an

equally good quality of life."



The aim of my study is to investigate the following hypothesis:

"All of the residents of Stevenage town' class='brand-secondary'>New Town have been provided with an

equally good quality of life."

I intend to prove or disprove this statement as objectively as

possibly to complete my assignment. To do this I will have to acquire

sufficient evidence to achieve an overall understanding of the present

circumstances of the town. To do this we went to Stevenage to study

for ourselves the town on which our project was based. We developed

questionnaires, which we put to the residents, since they have a first

hand experience of living in the town and could offer an informed view

of the area they lived in.

We also visited several different locations in order to collect data.

These included various residential neighbourhoods, the new town

center, the new central leisure complex, the old town centre, and the

retail park popularly known as 'Roaring Meg', which is along side the

industrial zone. In each area we recorded how the land had been used,

i.e. what type of shops were found there, low-order goods or high-

order goods. We will use this data to assess the success of Stevenage;

taking into consideration the aims the New Town planners had initially

hoped for (see chapter 1). We will use such aspects as the standard of

housing, shopping, job opportunities, communicationsand other

facilities and services, thus enabling us to evaluate the outlook with


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...ies cater not only for those who live and

work in the Town, but also for people who travel from other areas

specifically to use these facilities.

There is also residential accommodation within the Town Centre. It is

provided above the retail and service units and in the residential

block, the Towers. Stevenage is known for its sub-regional centre for

shopping and leisure activities. The Town Centre is also an important

asset in terms of the amount of both public and private investment

that has taken place in the past. It is important to maintain and

enhance this investment in terms of both the facilities provided and

the environment. The Town Centre provides a number of development and

redevelopment opportunities, although with relatively restricted land

resources the optimum use must be made of available land.
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