Good Night Poem

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The use of repetition & parallelism profoundly impacts the mood of the poem. To illustrate, the lines “rage, rage against the dying of the light” and “Do not go gentle into that good night” are repeated throughout the poem whereby the stress and urgency of the poet’s tone is clearly demonstrated. It’s used to further emphasize Thomas’s emotional and moving plea to his father to embrace life until the very end. Furthermore, the repetition of “rage” also augments the intensity of the admonishments. Secondly, Dylan describes four kinds of men to his father by means of parallelism. The use of “wise men” is a reproach at his father’s willingness of accepting death as finality. Although “wise men” see death as salvation, as implied by “dark is right”, they would not succumb to death for they had “forked no lightning”. It indicates that one should not simply pass away without leaving a “dent in the universe”. “Good men” with their last breath weep over the loss of their “frail deeds”, in which deed connotes with both the physical body and benevolence. “Wild men” full of life and song try to catch the sun as if life is one long day from dawn to the dying dusk yet realizes the prodigal nature too late. They too, grieve their actions and fight against death. Thomas concludes his repetitive demonstration of ideals with “Grave men”, who according to Thomas, even during their final moments, can "blaze like meteors and be gay". Thomas imparts this final simile to represent the satisfaction that the one get when looking in retrospect one’s life, preventing them from feeling the despair and worthlessness that Thomas wants his father to steer away from. Thomas’s use of diction also plays a decisive role in the poem. Firstly, the predominan... ... middle of paper ... ...urther emphasizes one’s the desire to live. Lastly, “there on the sad height” used in the last stanza uses a biblical reference. The sad height could very likely represent the Valley of Despair which separates the human world and the metaphysical one. Dylan describes his father to be on the edge of the human world to make the mood more solemn and somber as well as to emphasize the despondent prospect of his father’s recovery. Do not go gentle into that good night is a very subtle and intricate poem which centralizes on dying gloriously while averting death. Throughout the poem, Dylan Thomas uses powerful devices to create a melancholy yet urgent tone as we witness the demise of his father. To quote from Mary Alice Young, “Death is but a promise made to each of us at birth, but before the promise is kept,” we should each and every one of us live life to its full.
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