Good Journalism: Good Or Good?

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Nowadays the world is being bombarded by news at every second and most of the population can access them through newspapers, websites, radio or TV. There are indeed different way and different kind of journalism but it can only be either good or bad. Journalism itself is the act of gathering news and do research in order to inform society about matters concerning various topics. It has changed a lot since its diffusion and innovative ways of making news are constantly being explored, also because of the development of technology and the invention of new methods to share information. In this essay, I will explain the influence that the responsibilities of the journalists towards the public have in defining whether an article can be good or bad, and the role of the news agenda together with the importance that language and form have in relation to the quality of journalism.
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It is important to choose the right and suitable words that will strike the reader’s attention and keep him going further till the end. In a good article the language should always be changing to maintain the interest and a good journalist should have a broad lexical choice since: “language is, after all, the most essential tool of the journalist, and it is one of the marks of the exceptional journalist that they are able to use language with creativity and style. Along with the professional practices of investigation, interviewing and fact-checking, the accomplished journalist knows that it is the ability to work with language and manipulate its emotive thrust that gives the story its shape and resonance.” (Smith, Higgins, 2013: 2) It is better for a journalist to avoid clichés and fancy terms: the language should be appealing and not targeted just to a small range of the
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