Good And Negative Effects Of Texting

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Many articles today suggest that texting has become standard communication for teens. We rely on it too often, and is now more common than ever. All around the world, people are texting more and talking less daily. We may think that it has no effect on us, but in reality, it is killing our communication and writing skills. Texting is a very misleading way to communicate. Today, we have multiple acronyms and abbreviations for just about everything. Our grammar and punctuation skills are have started to be forgotten about. Inappropriate communication and writing skills are quickly being socially accepted. We no longer need know how to spell words correctly, because spellcheck will correct it for you. With new texting lingos, we are misunderstood more often than not. A message can easily be perceived differently than they are intended for. Emotion and body language is very important when communicating. When we text, all of that is lost. We cannot see facial expressions, which can suggest anger, happiness, even love and affection. Other helpful skills while communicating are eye-contact, touch, and voice. Eye-contact helps increase communication, because it is a confidence…show more content…
We create small talk and get to the main point faster. With the small talk, we begin to develop a comfort zone around communication. While texting it is simple to say what you want in as few words as possible. However, when it comes to talking face to face, we panic. Our fear comes out, and we do not have the ability to expand our shell. It becomes hard to speak face-to-face with others, since when you text you can take as long as you need to respond back, and it allows to think longer about what you are trying to say. Messaging can also be a never ending process. You continue to text, because it costs almost nothing compared to a call. There are conversations where you constantly go back and forth and there is no end in

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