Good And Evil In Hawron's Young Goodman Brown

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Leaving his wife for one night only young goodman brown enters the forest with bad intentions. Even more hoping his wife doesnt find out about his secret family history,as he makes along his journey can be oh so tragic. However the setting of the story takes place in salem village along the wilderness and back. While Mr brown continues his trip throughout the forest the scenary of the story becomes darker and darker along the way. Hawron the author uses characters as well as signifacnat objects to give an overall theme of the story good vs evil. Surely the author uses symbolism throughout the story to give fascinating details about whats happening to mr brown after lieing to his wife about agreeing to meeting a man in the woods to attend a…show more content…
Having such a postive name brings upon faith amongst many cultures and religions. All in All mr.brown entering the forest was one of the worst decision he made in his life. As the reuslt of entering the forest he trust was gone from everyone he knew because meeting the devil made him see everyone he encouter as evil. Futhermore he didnt trust his wife who he been married to for three months because he walked away from her as she greeted him back from the forest with open arms. Even more giving up all his faith to the devil becuase he questioned his faith from the strange thing that were taking place inside the woods. The author of goodman brown uses the people that have major influence throughout his childhood and beyond.Following that when he first met the devil he looked just like his father as he walked along his journey to evil. Young goodman brown tells a story of good vs evil as well a questioning mr.browns faith plus religious beliefs he thinks he has in the godly
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