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In today’s society the risk of being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease increases each year. Sexually transmitted diseases are affecting more of the younger generation, more people are having unprotected sex and more sex partners. They don’t realize the risk they 're putting themselves in, many people think that getting a sexually transmitted disease will never happen but they 're wrong. Gonorrhea is one a common sexually transmitted diseases that can be found in men and women. When a woman is pregnant and gets diagnosed with gonorrhea, there is a higher chance of the disease getting to the baby. Anybody that is sexually active and has had multiple partners is at risk of being diagnosed with gonorrhea. When you are sexually active…show more content…
When the bacteria are already in someone it can be passed by having sexual intercourse and oral sex. The infection can show up in the mouth, genital area, and rectum. Also, if a person already has a sexually transmitted disease, it’s easier for someone to transfer the disease to that person that is already infected. The signs and symptoms for gonorrhea differ between men and women. Symptoms are rarely seen in patients with gonorrhea. In men during urination there will be a feeling of discomfort, there will be a puffy substance that will come from the genital area, and the testicle may expand and have inflammation. In women the genital area will display unusual discharge, in the abdominal there will be a lot of distress, and in the pelvic region there would be periods of…show more content…
There are two tests that doctors can use to detect gonorrhea, urine test or a swab of the affected area. The urine test can identify a disease, even when there are no signs or symptoms displayed. There is a swab test of the affected area, sometimes there are multiple test done to detect which sexually transmitted disease is present, home testing is available. When you have a home test done it is sent off to a lab to get analyzed and identify what is present. Gonorrhea is treated by several kinds of antibiotics, which are ceftriaxone, azithromycin, and doxycycline. The treatment is used for people who have tested positive for gonorrhea or somebody that had intercourse with someone that was diagnosed. When newborns are treated for gonorrhea, they are given medication in their eye. To prevent gonorrhea from returning don’t have sexual intercourse with someone that has or had gonorrhea until they get tested and it comes back

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