Gone with the Wind: Compare and Contrast of Book Versus Film

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Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite love stories of all time. Margaret Mitchell wrote the beautiful story in 1928 and first published in 1936. The book is one of the best-selling novels to this date. Shortly after the book was published, it sold over one million copies within six months, as well as being awarded the Pulitzer Prize. The book immediately caught the eye of a young producer named David O. Selznick who immediately purchased the film rights for $50,000. The movie was just as big of a hit as the novel. Gone with the Wind won ten Academy Awards out of thirteen nominations. By today’s box office records, after adjusting for inflation, Gone with the Wind is still the most successful film in box office history. (IMdB) This captivating story transitions from the book to the big-screen magically. I will never forget the first time I watched this film. The characters are so animated that you can’t help but be immediately captivated. It also could be the beauty of Vivian Leigh, the actress that plays the spoiled southern belle, Scarlett. I cannot say that I prefer the novel over the movie. The novel has so much more story that was not placed into the film. I watched them movie before reading the book so I already had a preconceived idea of the characters. The novel leaves so much more to the imagination and really paints the dark picture of what it must have been like for people during this era in the South during the Civil War. The movie does a fantastic job as well but I don’t think it is as in depth, which is expected because of the length of the novel. The novel is over 1,000 pages and the film is 238 minutes, making it the longest movie at the time it was released, (1939). There are some very notable di... ... middle of paper ... ...ll died in infancy only leaving Scarlett and her two sisters. In the film, there is no mention of the brothers. This explains to me the dynamic between Scarlett and her love for her father. She being the strongest of the three daughters was treated by her father more like a son. I believe this is where Scarlett’s strength and patriarch way of thinking is developed. Scarlett felt like the protector of the family and had a very strong pride for her family plantation. The whole movie is her struggle to save Tara and get her true love, Ashley. I don’t find enough time to read as much as I would like to. There are many movies that I have seen that I have not been able to read the books of. I don’t always like the movie as well as the book, but in this case, Gone with the Wind in both book and movie are amazing and one of the best written classic of all time. .
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