Gone With the Wind

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Gone with the Wind, was published in May 1936. The author, Atlanta born, Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for her efforts. The novel was the first and only published novel of her career. Miss Mitchell was a storyteller from the time she could speak. She enjoyed writing stories and plays. She would cast herself and her friends in the different roles. She lived in Atlanta all of her life and she was enchanted in the history of the city. Miss Mitchell was influenced by the stories told to her as she spent her childhood sitting on the laps of Civil War veterans and of her mother's relatives, who told stories of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction of the South. She was an old soul at heart and enjoyed the company of elderly relatives and friends of her parents who told stories that fascinated a young Margaret.

Miss Mitchell's affection for Atlanta, her interest in the social happenings around town and her desire to become a writer brought her to the editor's office of the Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine. He hired her and she wrote 129 feature stories over four years. While married to her second husband, Miss Mitchell left the magazine as a full time employee to devote more time to being a wife, however she did freelance work for the journal and penned the "Elizabeth Bennet Gossip Column". She was forced to resign after a horseback riding accident. She had read every book at the local library during her recovery. Her husband at the time suggested she should write a book of her own. A friend gave her a typewriter in order to entertain herself while confined to her home and suggested she begin writing something she knew about. She began writing the novel at twenty six years of age while bedridde...

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...ime. Many believe she was just too busy with the business of it all or that perhaps she spent so much time responding to all of her fans for she would respond in letters that were pages and pages long. Some say she was afraid she would never write another novel with the success of Gone With the Wind and it would prove that she was not a true author, but just a writer with beginners luck. But she never wrote another story.

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