Gone Girl Character Analysis

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Nick Dunne returns home to find Amy, his wife, missing the day of their fifth anniversary; her disappearance receives heavy press coverage due to the popular books written by her parents for which she was an inspiration. Police and Detective Rhonda Boney conduct a forensic analysis after walking through their home where remnants of bloodstains were found, leading to the conclusion of her homicide. After five years of mostly phony wedded bliss nick is the primary suspect of her disappearance.

Through Gone Girl Nick appears to be many things: misunderstood, malicious murderer, abusive husband, loving spouse and a lonely adulterer. Where some of these accusations are known to be true others are false. Many times nick has lied to the cops and
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One drawback to Amy’s character is that her persona isn’t real. When she first started dating Nick she was masquerading herself as the girl she thought he wanted to be with, the Cool Girl. Although she is able to sustain the act during the beginning of their relationship, when she starts to give up on the act their marriage starts to collapse upon…show more content…
It may look intimate but it is constructed to avoid openness, spontaneity and reciprocates the characteristics of true intimacy. Where codependents believe themselves neglected, but excuse the “neglectful” behavior of others despite their own pain and see their codependency as their own problem, which they must solve themselves, those who are affected by irrelationship do not. They are unable to let go of those in whom they are invested, not because of personal, deeply held commitment, but because it defends them from the anxiety that is part of the risk of caring for each other. In simple terms codependence is a toxic way of relating that an individual brings with themselves in interpersonal connections. Irrelationship is the actual dynamic of the connection

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