Golding's Book, Lord of the Flies- How the Story Would Have Changed if the Pilot had Survived the Crash

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In the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding a bunch of kids get stranded on an island with no adults and start to fight over leadership. If the pilot had survived the plane crash and had been stranded with the boys the outcome would have been better because the pilot could become the leader. Jack and Ralph would keep from arguing with each other and splitting up the others between them. The pilot could organize the kid’s duties in an orderly manner and possibly make their work more amusing, yet keeping in mind that they actually finish their task. He also could have acted as a parent, and made the younger kids feel safe.

If the pilot had survived the plane crash he would be able to control Jack and Ralph and keep all the boys together. The pilot could do that by being the leader. Jack and Ralph would not argue over who is the leader because the pilot would be the leader. The pilot is an adult so no one would try to take leadership from him. This would ensure that everyone listens to him so there are no problems like the one where Jack takes all the hunters to hunt and leaves no one to watch the fire even thought Ralph said one of the hunters must watch the fire at all times. “There was a ship. Out there. You said you’d keep the fire going and you let it out!” (page ___) The pilot being an adult would become the leader and being an adult leader he would be able to control everyone including Ralph and Jack therefore the outcome would be less chaotic, making it better.

Ralph assigns the children jobs like hunting the pigs, watching the fire, building the shelters, and keeping the coconuts filled with water. The children neglect their jobs, which caused problems. An example of one of the problems that was faced due to t...

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... younger kids are used to relying on adults. If the younger ones didn’t believe in the beast then the older boys wouldn’t either. This would stop a lot of the problems that arise. If the pilot had been on the island with the boys, he would be able to comfort the boys and the children would not be scared of the beast.

A lot of problems arise because of leadership problems between Ralph and Jack. Some of these reasons would involve the boys’ jobs not being organized properly and the fact that the boys believe that there is a beast living amongst them. If the pilot had survived the plane crash then those things would have been avoided and the problems they cause would be nonexistent. Therefore having the pilot survive the plane crash and be on the island with the boys would have resulted in a better outcome of the book “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.
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