GoldiLOCKS the Door

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“Who are you and what are you doing here?” yelled Goldilocks. She had just returned from a walk when she was startled by some unexpected visitors. She walked into the kitchen to find three bears sitting at the kitchen table devouring some porridge.
“Hello Goldilocks!” replied the oldest bear, “I’m Papa Bear and this is Mama Bear and Baby Bear,” he said as he pointed to the other two bears. “We were walking by when we smelled the porridge you were cooking, and we couldn’t help ourselves. We figured you wouldn’t mind if we stopped to have a bowl.”
“Well you scared me!” yelled Goldilocks, “And I do mind when strangers come into my house and eat my porridge while I’m not home!”
“We’re really sorry!” Baby Bear declared, “We didn’t think you’d be mad.”
“You broke into my house and ate my porridge!” She exclaimed.
“I think we should go,” said Mama Bear, “My porridge was too hot anyways.”
“Yeah! My porridge was too cold! Sorry to bother you Goldilocks.” snapped Papa Bear.
Goldilocks decided to walk the bears back home. Maybe then they would stay away. They started down the road towards the three bears’ little house.
“Goodbye Goldilocks!” called Baby Bear as he walked up the front steps, “Sorry for eating all of your porridge but my bowl was just right! How can we make it up to you?”
“Goodbye Baby Bear,” Goldilocks replied. “Don’t worry about it.” Inside, she was still furious. She started down the road, in the direction of where she thought her house was. She walked through the forest for a long time, but never came upon her house. Goldilocks realized she must have taken a wrong turn at some point, because she had no idea where she was. She continued walking, hoping to recognize a landmark or something that could help her figur...

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...t then she stuck her head out of the small window and saw Rapunzel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears standing outside the tower chuckling.
“Sorry mother!” yelled Rapunzel. “But I thought it was about time you felt what it was like to be trapped up there!” With that, the five new friends walked back to Goldilocks house to have some celebratory porridge. As they walked back, Goldilocks realized something. She had totally forgotten about what had happened that morning. Then she realized another thing, if the bears had never broken into her house, she wouldn’t have been able to walk them home. Which meant she wouldn’t have gotten lost and stumbled upon the tower. If it wasn’t for the incident that morning, Goldilocks would’ve never been able to help Rapunzel escape and wouldn’t have made four new friends. That day, Goldilocks learned that everything happens for a reason.
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