Golden Ratio In Pi

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The Golden Ratio “Without mathematics there is no art.” – Plato. Many people wonder why something looks more attractive than other things. There are many variables for this like: color matching, placement, shape, size, and symmetry. There is one answer for that question, it is called, the golden ratio, or phi. Phi is the twenty-first letter in the Greek alphabet, but in math it is a ratio. This ratio can be applied in modern day architecture, art, and logos for spacing, size, and looks. All people need to do is follow the ratio rules. “The golden ratio was studied in Greece by the mathemation Phidias” (Phi). He later applied it to the sculptures for the Parthenon. A European philosopher named Plato also studied it; he believed that the golden ratio can be the binding of all mathematical relationships, and the physics of the cosmos. It was first noted in the European countries for study, people believe the Egyptians used it first. Buildings from the past and present use this ratio like: CN tower, and the Notre Dame. It may seem that the golden ratio can only be used in architecture, but it can also be seen in nature, and in art. Phi is an irrational number, this means that it can go on forever. When people look up what Phi is equivalent to 1.618; though it does not exactly equal that because it’s ever lasting. The most irrational famous number is Pi or 1.141. When humans try and calculate phi it will take a very long time depending what number you pick. To calculate it people pick a number, then divide by one, finally add one to that new number. This process can take awhile depending on how high the number is. Now the Fibonacci number sequence is different. Fibonacci is a sequence of number just like counting one to ten, but th... ... middle of paper ... ...o the distance in between the two circles. With these circles you divide the diameter of the two circles “a/b.” Apple is one of the few huge companies in the world that does not contain the company name in their logo; its because it is designed with the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers. You can remember this logo without studying it because of its design. This can possibly change the designs of logo for all companies so people will remember them. The golden ratio can easily be applied and use frequently in today’s society. With it perfecting things one by one. Only things can be perfect with the missing variables like: shape, size, color, and placement. More and more studies can be added on to this ratio because of the fascination of perfection though the human brain. “The good, of course, is always beautiful, and the beautiful never lacks proportion.”- Plato.

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