Golden Age Hospital Case Analysis

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Organizational design and structure considerably impacts a corporation’s effectiveness and ability to execute the planned business strategy. The chosen structure determines how performance tasks are distributed among managers and employees of an organization, simply incorporating significant elements such as formalization, chain of command, departmentalization, work specialization, span of control, and centralization/de-centralization (Trident 2016). The following describes the Golden Age Hospital (GAH)/Community Clinic (CC) ’s mission, services, and structure to be developed and implemented in order to provide excellence in the community’s senior population. Mission Statement An organization’s mission statement equals the purpose of…show more content…
Directed by the patient-centered care model, the GAH and CC development team consider the survey results of the target group which yielded the senior populations necessary and desired services as perceived by the target audience. Conclusively, the highest preferred services, as seen by the surveyed segment of the senior populace, formed the development of palliative care, mental health services, elder abuse prevention and assistance, senior therapy and wellness, physician house call services, and physician specialists (MHA599CT 2016). For example, in concordance with the existing MVH palliative care team, GAH will offer palliative care services equipped with a team of specially-trained geriatric doctors, nurses, and staff, delivering specialized medical services for serious illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure. Focusing on providing patients with comfort and relief of symptoms at any stage of a serious illness, palliative care improves quality of life while focusing on curative solutions for patients (MVH 2016). Mental health services and an elder abuse program will be incorporated to serve the senior population as an inpatient behavioral center in addition to the outpatient behavioral health center and elder abuse center stationed in the community clinic. Importantly, mental health and abuse in the senior population accounts for at least twenty percent in the United States (Karel, Gatz & Smyer 2012). Health promotion, senior mobility and wellness will be directly delivered by way of a state of the art senior therapy and wellness center complete with comprehensive programs to reduce falls, promote strength and

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