Gold Nugget Essay

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“Education is the key!! Always remember that”. These are the words that my mother said to me at a very early age. Getting an education was like receiving a gold nugget, but not to keep for myself. Once I received it, it was my duty to reach back and help someone else to see the value. As I continued on my journey of receiving gold nuggets, I came across many individuals, and situations that either did not value gold nuggets (an education), did not value reaching back to show others the value (mentoring), or valued gold nuggets, but only for certain individuals, while others feel like second class (suburban schools vs. urban/rural schools). It is 2015 and there is still a universal divide among our schools and communities overall. Why are…show more content…
When education is valued, you are empowered. What I have seen growing up and through experiences are more individuals and educational leaders going from empowering others to take a stand for change, to now going through the minimum motions of the position to draw a paycheck. There were two major milestones in my life that propelled me even more to attain the golden nugget (an education). The first milestone was during my internship at Inner-City Ministry After-School program, the director at that time early on became a wonderful mentor. After about an hour of sharing education goals and life aspirations, she offered me not only the internship and title of project manager to coordinate the Inner City Sunday program, but a part-time job after completion. During my time their I was able to hone my teaching and leadership skills while completing my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. She poured into me the encouragement to never give up on my aspirations; she valued…show more content…
This quote by a former educator hits the nail on the head about the de-value of an education and our leaders. She said, “We can’t ever create an enlightened society if many of us are deliberately being left in the dark. And we certainly can’t get there if there is no one willing to teach us” (Stephanie Vessely, “Why don’t we value

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