Going Global: The Harley Davidson Case

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Going Global
Going global for an organization is not as easy as it echoes. International marketing is an important factor in helping organizations to become global and becoming globally competitive. According to Cateora, Gilly, and Graham (2013), “international marketing is the performance of business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and direct flow of the companies goods and services to consumers of users in more than one nation for profit” (p. 10). International marketing strategies and its efficiency assists in the expansion of an organization. Moreover, the major goals of a marketing manager are to reduce risk and capitalize on returns in profit. Global expansion has developed a tactical imperative for nearly all large organizations and marketing managers have a great deal on their hands in developing, monitoring and changing these strategies. Harley Davidson has been no stranger when it comes to crossing into international sales.
Global Recession
With the emergence of the subprime meltdown, the United States economy was beginning to spiral into a recession in 2007. A downturn in the U.S. housing market turned into a global financial crisis. The downturn appeared in the middle of 2007 and the effects were felt in September of 2008. As indicated by Sharma (2009), “the months of August and September 2008 will be long remembered as the economic tsunami on Wall Street” (p.171). The mortgage finance industry collapsed and several government backed enterprises were in over their heads with massive amounts of defaulted loans. The subprime mortgage issue turned into an economic nightmare for the entire globe. Many backed mortgages were with overseas investor hoping to capitalize on the fast growing mortgage indu...

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