Going Deep Into Forensic Science and its Technology

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Every day, hundreds of law enforcement officers go out to investigate crimes, whether it is a robbery, a car accident, a suicide, or even a homicide. But has civilization ever stopped to wonder who those behind – the - scene guys are that put all the pieces of evidence together but do not really receive credit for it or the amount of training that goes into becoming a forensic scientist? How about if the forensic science strategies depicted on TV is actually true. Society can give credit to the thousands of forensic scientists who spend their days deciphering evidence ,which is not as dazzling and fantastic as TV plays it out to be. In fact, most of the things portrayed on TV are actually false. Although the forensic science strategies used in the TV shows seem amazing, they are not representative of the real profession and people should realize there is a huge difference between fiction and the real work done. This research paper debates the technology of forensic science, the training involved, the careers that are associated with the field and also how this topic is presented in film.
Society may not think that it takes much energy to become a forensic scientist or to work in the forensic field, but it actually does. In fact, there are many different types of degrees that must be acquired. In fact the “World of Forensic Science” article notes several degrees that are required including the ones many people interested in pursuing forensics go after. “This would include a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree (Lerner 1)”. “Although a degree is often required, there are currently no mandatory requirements for specific licensure in forensics (Lerner 1)”. Also, according to Michelle Lee Ribeiro some departments in which someone m...

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...work in many areas of forensic science, from emergency wound and trauma care to coroner’s offices. There is also jobs available as a criminalistics which is the person who analyze, compare, identify, and interpret physical evidence says Lerner (Lerner 1-2).
Although people in society may have been wishing as a kid that they could go out and catch the bad guy with only a fingerprint and some DNA. It has been proven that this is not as simple as TV shows and/or movies make it out to be. From spending up to four years in college to obtain a certain degree to actually being able to make into this field to be one of the many humans who get to experience what it is like to be a part of catching the bad guy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience but once one is able to reach this goal it would be noticed that all the blood, sweat, and DNA was all worth it.

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