God 's Creation Of The World

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In the Book of Genesis, there are two different accounts of God’s creation of the world. The two accounts are the one from the “JE” and the other from the “P”. These writings provide two different views on creation of the Earth and humanity from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Although these accounts are different, I do not believe that these inconsistencies contradict each other. There are similarities and differences in these accounts that shape the way in which people view humanity and creation of the world. The two accounts differ in order of events and the time it took to create the world. The “P” account declares that it took God seven days to create the world. It starts with the first day, God created the heavens and the Earth. Then, God continues with his creation by adding new elements such as animals during each of the seven days of creation. On the sixth day, he created Man. It ends on the seventh day in which God rested. Unlike the “P” account, the “JE” presents a vague timeline for the creation of the world. These events took time, but not a specified amount of time like in the “P” account. The “JE” account, like that of the “P”, begins with the creation of the heavens and Earth, but jumps ahead to the creation of Man and the Garden of Eden. Little detail is given to the events that took place and the manner in which God created the Earth. This is a contrast to the “P” account that provides events and details that occurred on each of the seven days it took to create the world. God said, “Let there be light.” On the first day, God created the heavens and the earth and ordered that there be light. He called the light, day, and the dark, night. The “P” account lists specifically how everything on Earth w... ... middle of paper ... ...These two accounts differ in many ways in the accounts of the creation of the world. The timing of the events and the events themselves are different. However, the heavens and the earth seem to be the same kind of place in the end. In both stories humanity is created and viewed as important to the survival of the world. God trusts Adam and Eve to care for his creation and populate the Earth. Both accounts make the creation of a woman important and necessary. The “JE” account may appear to make the creation of woman inferior, but without this creation, humanity would not survive. It is the actions and views in the world both then and now that make women inferior. The creation of woman in both accounts make her important and essential. Although the events and timing is different in each account, the image of God as the creator of the world is the same in each.
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