God is Not Complex

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The sky crystallized royal blue colors propose a beautiful announcement on how perfect the day is. When glancing in the direction of the sun, it appears as if the sun is smiling with joy and excitement. The garden is filled with multiple colored dandelions, roses, and tulips. The aged oak trees stand in strength displaying a picture perfect scene of fruitfulness. The river flows in sync and rhythm to the wind. The birds of the air soar high in formation and precise sequence to the leader. This day and its splendor grace the followers with perfection and expectation. The tall grayish skyscraper's disappear into the cotton filmed cloud's. The faded yellow ford Victoria taxis zoom up and down the road. The male and female beings walk, sending their deep-rooted vibrations throughout the earth. The hot dog stand operator reaches for the tongs to dress up the Nathan hot dog for that extremely hungry customer. The five-year old boy drops the top scoop of his cherry vanilla ice cream off his medium extra crispy waffle cone. The athletic man and women jogged in a weight losing pace down the sidewalk trail. The two brownish gold German Sheppard run towards the park area competing with one another trying to catch the red slightly bent Frisbee. The young Hispanic gentleman stopped the cart from rolling down the street, as the elderly white woman turns to open her door. The images of this scene entertain the imagination that life is perfect and adventurism. The personal affirmation is then declared, today is going to be a great day!

The life we are assigned to live is opportunistic. We are assigned tasked to complete in a certain time period. The result of or journey is then passed down to future generations. Our life will one day be consid...

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...dom. In him right standing, in him a display of his power and glory through you. In him we are generational restored. In him we are royalty. In him we are kings/queens and priest. In him we have a covenant. In him we are heirs. In him we have an inheritance. In him we are entitled to promises. God takes care of us. God will use us greatly. Seize this present moment! Remember, it is not our will, but God's will. Do not be conformed to the patterns of your past history, the world history. Allow God to love and guide you through the blessed process of your journey. God has and will continue to take care of you in every aspect of your life. There has to be trust, let go and let God use your body to perform his will on this earth. The Lord is our comfort and provider. Now, let's enjoy the journey as we bridge the gap between our current position and our heavenly behavior.
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