God: Truth Or Myth

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While in High School I encountered all different kinds of people. Some were nice, others were not, and there was always that small group of guys that always voiced their opinion and let others know what was on their minds. No matter what others thought or felt of their opinion. My friend Ray was one of those people. Ray was a very easygoing guy; he never started any trouble, never disrespected anyone, and never quit. He always excelled in everything he did, he never let himself quit any activity no matter how hard it was, and if he got a low grade he would practice the material until he got it down pact. I remember one time -when he and I were taking the same English 101 in high school- when he got back a three page essay and the teacher gave him a B-. Ray almost immediately asked if he could re-do it and the teacher allowed him and anyone else who wanted to re-do it. If it had been me, I would have settled for the B- but no not Ray, he took it back re- wrote it and got himself and A+. I remember him saying after getting back the paper: "That's the way I like it!" We all laughed and congratulated him. Though the class was boring we all did pretty good. I am a strong believer in God and am very active in my church. Whereas Ray believes there is no God and that the church is all a bunch of "Bullcrap." He is a Darwinist, and a stubborn one at that. The ironic part about this whole situation is that Ray's mother is an extremely dedicated Christian. I have only met her once so I will refrain from going any further with the mentioning of Ray's mother. Ray and I have had many debates on whether God exists or not. I recall one evening when Ray came over my house-I had a couple of Christian friends who were already there, it almost seemed as if we were going to verbally ambush him- and almost immediately a debate sparked up amongst the one Darwinist and the other four Christians. That was one of our best debates, we must have spent two or three hours babbling on about God and Dawin's theory of evolution. Unfortunately he had to leave so we could not finish our debate, but I believe there will be a time when we will meet to finish our little event.
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