God, Superstar by Bruce McCulloch

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Believing in God is a pretty big deal, just once it would be nice for someone to give full frontal proof that God existed. None of that “you just have to believe” talk, just hardcore evidence. Well the bible does just that. How much more proof would someone need than legit stories of the truth? Prime examples like Moses and the burning bush, God reveals himself to Moses in a remarkable way, that shows his full power and beyond humanity abilities. Just like this he makes it known again with Elijah when he proves his existence by bringing his flame to the offering to show the other citizens that the only God they should be worshiping is him. Now in modern days supernatural experiences are usually rare but those situations allow people to falsely believe that God only works through extremities. Movies allow for these ideas to come to pass because they can determine what they want “God” to do. Such as “Superstar” directed by Bruce McCulloch. In contrast to this there are the usual personal plans that God makes for individuals that may not look extreme but still allow for his power to be shown, like in Tyler Perry’s “ I Can Do Bad All By myself”. In their own ways both movies express God like how the modern society would interpret God. Superstar is not primarily a religious movie but all in all it does the job of portraying what some may think what Gods main purpose for us is. The main character Mary Katherine wants to be able to have her first magical kiss but feels that it will never happen because she is not a “superstar”. Mary Katherine prays earnestly to get this fabulous kiss she’s been hoping for. Sometimes it’s inappropriate and the audience notice that her prayers are answered by a personal God. Her laid-back Jesus who sudden... ... middle of paper ... ...movie everything worked out so well and in a quickly matter. In reality it would not be that way, God will grant people what they need when he feels they are ready, the path to Christ is very bumpy and it take much more than an hour to fully give in to the lord. The movie does a good representation of what is to come but fails to prove the hardships and battles Christian undergo due to having faith in the Lord. Both movies show great ways the Lord can express himself. All in all what matters is no matter how he does that, the faith and the belief in him can never suffice. The Lord is always there any way and how, he will always be there if you’re there as well. Like Joel Olsten said, “It's our faith that activates the power of God.” Works Cited I Can do Bad all by Myself. Tyler Perry. Lionsgate, 2009.Film Superstar. Bruce McCulloch. Paramount Pictures,1999.Film

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