God Reflection Paper

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God as a figure in my life has always been to me a mystery. I have been going to church since I could remember, so The idea of God has been in my life forever. My idea of God has never been like most people in my family or people in my church. I believe God has set his plan for me and let 's it be. I have never for me put too much of my trust in God. When someone dies or something bad happens to someone they try immediately to blame God. People then get this idea that God is bad to them and better to others. I sometimes side with those who struggle with the idea that God is always good to those who do good. With things like the Holocaust and genocides. How can a loving God let this happen to innocent people? At church they make it seem that…show more content…
Yet I am afraid to put all my faith in something that could hurt me. What I believe is that God loves all not just a few. He wants us to love everyone to show his true love on this earth. To me I believe God wants me to learn some things in life on my own. Many people think God is in every occurrence in their lives. I would always laugh when people would say that God helped them in a sport. God to me has bigger issues than a football game in a privileged city. My view of God has been a struggle for me, that why I try not to put a label on God. I imagine God as a regular person who makes decisions no one else would. Someone who at all times will just do the right thing in any circumstance. My idea of God is based on my dads view which I agree with. That heaven and gods kingdom is not up in the sky somewhere but in each and every person on this earth. When each person does good in the world we show that person the kingdom of God. Whether scientifically we can prove that God is real or not he is a teacher. If we can strive to be like him we are making the world a better place on person at a time. Maybe if he 's not real he can make us all better people in life. That who God is in my eyes, a teacher teaching us to be better loving
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