God Is The Ultimate Lawmaker Essay

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Religion motivates people to not stray from the path of virtue, but in return, their fear of God keeps those who believe from deviating from the morals set in place by the bible. This can be problematic. You see, people following God’s rules would not be doing so for the right reasons, instead they do it because they fear God’s wrath. This person would be unreliable in terms of morality, and would probably stray from God’s morals if they believed God would not offer a reward for their ‘good’ behavior.
I am not truly sure of what to believe in terms of the existence of a lawmaker. Some would say that God is the ultimate lawmaker because They are ‘perfect.’ But that then brings up the question of whether God even exists to be able to create laws and if They do exist then where do they get these laws from. If God’s just creating laws out of Their whims then are those laws really worth anything since They could just change the laws of morality, saying, for example, that it was now morally good to murder and steal and morally evil to be kind and fair. But to further this explanation, let 's say God does not exist. Does that make us human beings the lawmaker? Could we
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For example, in the Ten Commandments, God commands us not to murder, but before that command murder was neither right nor wrong. It was just murder. “Morality simply did not exist.” In turn, the first option implies that God did not invent the moral laws, but knew the ones already set in place. They then just commanded us to obey those laws, but, like Shafer-Landau stated, “then these reasons, and not God’s commands, [would be] what makes actions right or wrong.” I truthfully find the first option as the most reasonable, but I think that that opinion may be bias since I don 't believe that God
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