God And Human Interaction In Greek Mythology

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262 words

God and Human Interaction in Greek Mythology The gods and humans in greek mythology interact in a variety of ways. The Gods can either show themselves as God’s or transform into anything they choose. Although the God’s and humans interact very closely, the amount of power between them is undeniable. Even though the God’s never kill any humans, they can cause a lot of harm to them. Human’s can cause conflicts between other Gods as well. There is brief example when Athena wants Odysseus to return home, but Poseidon is in her way of making that plan. In the very beginning we find out that after the Trojan war, Odysseus forgot to worship the God’s before he makes his journey home after defeating the Trojans. That action alone leads to a series

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the gods and humans interact in greek mythology. although the gods never kill humans, they can cause a lot of harm to them.
  • Analyzes how odysseus forgot to worship the god's before he made his journey home after defeating the trojans, leading to unfortunate events caused by the greek god, poseidon.
  • Analyzes how athena transforms herself into mentor, who was an old friend of odysseus, and provides information to telemachus.
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