Goals and Philosophy

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Goals and Philosophy

A person's philosophy on education covers many different aspects. Such things that ones personal philosophy can contain are the purpose of education, methods one may use in education, and even the curriculum which may be taught. I feel that these three things are the most important for my personal philosophy and goals of education.

The overall purpose of education is not only to teach students about the set curriculum, but also to teach them to be individuals and creative thinkers. As a teacher one has to go farther than just to teach, you are a role model, a doctor, and most importantly while still having control you are a friend. I feel education is important because as a society we need to learn and grow from what we know. In today's society, a person without an education cannot make a name for themselves, and cannot get ahead in the world. Education is there to teach us about the past and prepare us for the future. Education is a leading part of our lives, and needs to continue to be.

As a kindergarten teacher, I plan to become an inspiration to every child that passes through my classroom. I hope to touch the lives of the children that I meet, as well as accomplish many other things. My first goal will be not only to teach my students the curriculum, but also to teach my students to think out side of the set curriculum. I plan to show students that there is more to what they are learning. I want not only to be a good teacher, but also to be a great teacher. Students not only need someone to teach them, they also need someone to guide them, and as a teacher I do hope to accomplish this. Children recognize that education will be a large part of ...

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...the students to come together and work as a group.

My professional plans for the future are to immediately start teaching when I graduate college. However, on my own time I plan on expanding my education to the furthest extent I can in order to continue learning along with my students. Education lies within the strength of a single person, a teacher. The teacher who gets the strength to rise out of bed every morning and face a new day. A teacher has to hold their head up high when they walk into a classroom for fear that the slightest show of weakness may destroy them. To achieve this is the most important purpose in a teacher's life. A teacher is someone who is willing to teach students even when they crave to do other things with their time. An achievement in education lies solely within the goal of becoming greater, which I plan to strive to do.
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