Goals And Goals To Balance The Aspects Of My Life

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In order to maintain mindfulness, goals to balance each aspect of one’s life must be created. To balance the physical aspect of my life, I have committed to walking up the four flights of stairs to my unit each day I work. This is a good way to get my blood flowing and body ready for day ahead. I have included others in my workplace in this commitment. It takes us about ten minutes to walk down the four flights of stairs and back up. Not only is this a great form of exercise, but it allows a ten minute break for bonding with each other. A second goal to balance the physical aspect of my life is to be mindful of the fuel I am putting into my body. With a fourteen hour day sometimes it is easier to not eat and keep moving, or to grab a candy…show more content…
According to the Johns Hopkins website their mission statement states, “The mission of The Johns Hopkins Hospital is to improve the health of our community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in patient care” (Johns Hopkins Health System, 2016). Their mission statement goes on to include how they are dedicated to patient care, research, support of their health care professionals, and offer facilities that offer comfort and enrich the surrounding community (Johns Hopkins Health System, 2016). Grinnell Regional holds their mission and values to promote “a commitment to promoting wellness, restoring health and enhancing the quality of life for all” (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014). The values of Grinnell Regional also include their pride in integrity, ability to work together, and innovation (Grinnell Regional Medical Center, 2014). Both hospitals embody the interpersonal element needed for the optimal healing environment through their mission and

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