Goals And Characteristics To Be A Football Player

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To be a football player you must be fearless and athletic. Two traits that I was very good at. I was always congratulated and assured how great I did in a game or practice, by both teammates and coaches. Most just want to play and other look at the sport as a career something they see themselves playing for year and hopefully at some point getting honored for their skills and abilities. People from all over come to watch kids play in high school like; scouts, fans, players that once played for the team even some television broadcast smaller companies of course, but the exposure is great. But to reach the level of starting on a football team takes a lot of practice on drills and workout. Great coaches to pull the abilities you have inside and bring them out physically. And also possessing the athletic abilities in the…show more content…
I also played on some leagues when I was younger, so growing up I was not too familiar with the football at all . . . well, I know my dad would watch Sunday football sometimes but that was about it I didn’t really care to much about it. But one day that all changed for me, I was in middle school and my best friend told me he was trying out for a flag football to and he encouraged me to join him I told him I was kind of nervous cause I didn’t really no much about the sport but hey if he was going I might as well just go to hang out with my friend. So I played that year and really picked up the sport learning the different positions the rules and actually I started to enjoy it. That season I did really good I had a number of touch downs at the receiver position and even had a varsity coach ask tell me when I go to high school he wanted me to play for his team. I actually to him up on the offer and started my freshman year playing football for him. It was fun but .
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