Go And Come Back By Alicia

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In reading the book “Go and come back” I was taken to a place that was described the way I remember camping in the jungles of Belize. From constantly swatting bugs away from myself to bathing in a creek, the village described in the book seemed very minimalist with only a place to sleep and a place to cook for each family. The people of the village lived off the land and each person played a role, when the men would go deep into the woods and hunt if they brought back an animal he would share it with the whole village, and that was expected. When two American anthropologists, Joanna and Margarita decided to stay in this particular village the dynamic changed. The book was narrated by Alicia, a teenage girl described what the cultural norms were in her village. She talked about interactions, expectations, and things her views on relationships it seemed she was constantly confused as to why Joanna and Margarita did what they did and felt most times that they were dumb. In this case I believe Alicia’s “dumb” basically translated to being different, I don’t think her character understood that someone could have a completely different mentality than her since she hadn’t interacted with any outsiders for longer than a certain amount of time. In a sense I could relate to Joanna and Margarita in their actions, like when the village wanted to celebrate and drink all of the alcohol Joanna and Margarita had, the two women agreed to drink some but also wanted to save some for later but the village criticized them for not wanting to drink all of the alcohol at once. I think when differences in opinions over things like this rise up it tells you a lot of a person. Although the particular tribe depicted in this book is not real, I b... ... middle of paper ... ...siders as the village had once viewed them. It was really interesting to follow these characters and see how the different cultures influenced each other, I think this says a lot about how it’s possible for a person to change their views to match the cultures they submerge themselves in. I have travelled abroad quite a bit and it’s really easy for me to transition into what is acceptable for that country, I think it is really important to realize that you are not changing who you are for anyone but rather show them respect as you are in their land. I think even though the anthropologists in the book believed they were being fair and open minded it still didn’t come across that way to the villagers and in the end I don’t think everyone was convinced that the women had changed, except for Alicia and I think it’s because she gave them a chance and got to know them.
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