Gmos : A Generation Of Change

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GMOs: A Generation of Change “You are what you eat” is a phrase commonly used by consumers against genetically modified food (GMF). In recent years, as genetically modified food has become more common in America, questions surrounding the topic have followed. In the Taking Sides book, we explore both sides of this issue to better understand and come to a personal conclusion of the right or wrong of genetically modified foods. Ronald Bailey is a GMO supporter and basis his reasoning to the lack of effect seen on modern consumers and the financial efficacy of the product (Satris, 361). Michael Fox on the other hand, is skeptical of the ethicality of this method. He fears this will interfere and separate us from the “natural world” (Satris, 361). While GMOs are predisposed to “enhance” an organism by making it insect resistant (Satris, 355), but at what cost? In order for these crops to be insect resistant, toxin genes are genetically incorporated; so we are technically eating the pestiside inside of the crop instead of having it sprayed on the outer layers of it to wash off (Satris- Bailey, 355). This may be a great help to the farmers since they won’t have to worry about pests eating their crops, but how does the affect the consumer’s health? How beneficial can this modification be to us, consumers, and other animals possibly consuming these too? When discussing food, we must consider multiple things; general health of consumers, health of the plants and animals being modified and the environment. This can be a challenging topic to discuss due to its short existence. We have not been exposed to these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for enough time to see its effects on our health. For the most part, conclusions of health ... ... middle of paper ... ...t as ethical. It is not fair to use finance against someone who truly cannot afford non-GMFs. As consumers, we are often told we have a choice in our foods, but food deserts and lack of money are not considered in these choices. Everyone should have a right and equal access to natural food. We also need to focus on our earth and the environment we grow and raise these GMFs on. Fox put an emphasis on saving and conserving the land we have (Satris, 368) and if we want to continue living, we must do just that. We only have one earth; I think it is time we start conserving it. As said before, there are many factors we have to consider when discussing the genetic modification of food, and in order to make a change we have to understand both sides and take a stance for future generations and ourselves. Works cited Satris, S. (2012). Taking sides. New York: McGraw-Hill.
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