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What are GMO 's? Where do they come from? A person can find themselves asking these questions. GMO 's stands for genetically modified organism. Many can confuse the word organism with only being related to humans, but in reality the word organism defines humans, plants or any single celled living thing (Bakshi). GMO 's come from nature but have long left their true values. The type of GMO that will be discussed in this paper it the type humans eat. Humans consume large amounts of GMO 's via vegetables, proteins, and vitamins. The funny thing is Gmo’s greatly reduce these proteins in the above listed. Americans need to have a better understanding about the foods they are ingesting. This knowledge will be acquired through the basic understandings…show more content…
Gmo’s cause many problems for farmers. Society may think that Gmo’s are more profitable and low maintenances for mars but in reality its totally the opposite. Gmo’s have caused an uncalled evolution on bugs and weeds that they have now become immune to the usual dosage of pesticides used on them (Braux 22). The bugs and weeds have come back even stronger because of pesticides farmers are forced to use more than one pesticide at once to kill them often time the resort to agent orange a dangerous toxin used during the Vietnam war (Braux 24). Farmers have morals and gmo’s could be causing them to break their beliefs because of what they resort to in order to provide food for the people of America and money for their families. Society seems to think Gmo’s increase a farmers profits but in Braux book he explains how gmo’s seeds are actually patented and that certain companies own certain seeds that can only be bought from them, but the worst part is that that 10 companies control most of the worlds seeds in gmo’s forcing farmers around the U.S. to only buy from them (Braux). This is beyond unfair to the farmers because they have to choose between feeding people gmo’s to provide for their family or growing organic more prone to withering causing them to lose more money while not having any means to provide for the families. The Gmo companies have a tight grasp on farmers that they are trapped into buying more gm seed’s…show more content…
There is a lot of info how gmo’s are monitored and regulated but not a lot of them go into detail. According to research collected but LOC also known as Library of Congress says “the US approach to regulating GMOs is premised on the assumption that regulation should focus on the nature of the products, rather than the process in which they were produced.” This is an alarming situation because the US is treating gmo’s as if they were completely natural. The same restrictions and regulations should apply to any man made product just because its origin is natural its does not mean that after extensive modification the organism stays natural. What this means is that biotechnology can little to no limits on how they crate these plants. At the end of 2006 poll results were collected to find out how aware the public was about gmo’s the results gathered over the course of 6 years were sparingly low (LOC). That meant many Americans had no clue of the reach gmo’s had on their food supply. America should be more concerned about what they are feeding the youth it could cause problems in their lives. On the bright side of things there seems to be some hope on the regulations issue for gmo’s. An organization known as the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) monitors how gmo’s can be planted and transported (LOC). This is one step in the right direction for the USA on regulations of

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