Gluten Be Gone

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Most people have never heard of the word “gluten”; if they have heard of it they recognize it by the term “gluten free”. A gluten free diet is required for those who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease; but today you hear all over the news about celebrities going gluten free to “lose weight”. Gluten free today is recognized as a “fad” or a diet to only “lose weight”; well I’m here to tell you that by eating gluten free you don’t just “lose weight”, you can actually gain weight, I have.
A gluten free lifestyle is only necessary for those who are gluten sensitive, intolerant or have celiac disease. If you are 1 out of every 133 (about 3 million) people in the world that has celiac or if you are the 5-10% of all people who suffer from a gluten sensitivity of some form, or if you’re in the 30% of the U.S. population to have the gene for Celiac Disease, meaning you could have some of the symptoms or if you are in the 97% of Americans estimated to have Celiac that are not diagnosed, you could be classified as one of “those people that eat gluten free to lose weight”. Eating a gluten free diet isn’t a shoo in for losing weight. If you are sensitive or intolerant to gluten or have celiac disease you can lose weight by eating gluten free foods, only if you need to lose weight; you can also gain weight by eating gluten free foods, only if you need to gain weight. Gluten free
Fisher 2 foods are made up of corn, potato, rice, tapioca, buckwheat, certified gluten free oats, bean, quinoa and many other flours in substitute for the regular wheat flour, making gluten free foods higher in sugar. Eating gluten free foods deny your body of rich, complex carbohydrates necessary for your body, therefore you should only go on a gluten free ...

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...ngredient has to be tested. It’s almost like they are making us pay more because of our health issues; now I’m not bashing the companies, I think they do a tremendous job with supplying gluten free foods to the gluten free population. But I believe that in many more years to come when gluten free gets abundantly more well known, companies could start lowering the prices of gluten free foods, helping the newly diagnosed celiacs so they aren’t so overwhelmed by the high prices.
Next time you hear the term “gluten free” you’ll know it isn’t just a way to “lose weight” and maybe you can educate others who are unaware of that. And also maybe when you hear “gluten free” used you’ll have tried some of the foods yourself and maybe you’ll tell a difference in your health just by eating one gluten free meal, that’s how I was. And maybe in future years gluten will “be gone”.
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