Glory:Fact or Fiction?

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The film Glory depicts the action of the Massachusetts 54th and all the black regiment and their role in the war. The Massachusetts 54th was created by Governor Andrews and was helped by Frederick Douglas. This film tells us the story about the regiment from the beginning of their training until their actual participation in the battle. The civil war was a memorable event for many people especially African Americans. In Glory we watch as these men are forced into slavery and the torturous training they were put through to become soldiers for their country. The film talks about many inspirational leaders and their part in the Civil War. The Massachusetts 54th Regiment was the first regular army regiment of black soldiers appointed in the Civil War trying to fight to gain freedom.
Glory helps give us an understanding of the importance of the Massachusetts 54th. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw was placed in a tough position during this film because the decisions he had to make were depicting his friendships that he would lose of gain. The Massachusetts 54th units were mostly made up of former slaves. Throughout the movie, Shaw reminds us of the injustice in America during the Civil War period. Before he left from Boston, Shaw married Anna Kneeland Haggerty. With her he had no family because his duties called. Governor Andrews, a strong abolitionist was the one who commissioned Colonel Shaw in 1863 to command and instruct the Massachusetts 54th.. The reenactors in this prodigious Civil War movie show tremendous amounts of strength and authenticity. Shaw’s great pride and respect towards his country is shown until the very end of the movie where he is shot in the chest three times and dies at Fort Wagner. When Colonel Shaw had pass...

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...he movie is deep into getting the point across in the discrimination between the black soldiers and the white commanders, it addresses the audience with the issue that everyone was going through. At the end of the day, the Massachusetts 54th wanted to win the war white or black, friends or not. The audience gets a look into a reenactment of the Civil war and the look at how difficult it was to train the black soldiers. They also get to see their dedication and how these African American men wanted in any way to serve their country.
Despite the few inadequacies in the film, Glory is a wonderful film depicting the personal experiences of the colored troops and the fight to abolish slavery between the North and the South. This film tells us the story about the regiment from the beginning of their training until their actual participation in the battle.
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