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International Business journal assignment Globalization Relates to the increased international competitiveness as a direct consequence of the size if the market increasing all the time. Australian business must be ale to compete in a world scale. It involves corporations planning their production processes so that each specialized subdivision of the whole process is carried out in a country where conditions are particularly favourable for that type of work. This has all lead to the lowering the tariffs imposed on countries to protect their local markets. All theses beliefs the consumers greatly because now they have the chose to purchase more products made in foreign countries cheaper. However, there being the positive impact of globalisation, there is also a negative influence brought by globalisation. For starters, here in Australia, the local producers and manufacturers must find a new and efficient method to do business or face being over whelmed by foreign investors. As an overview, globalisation in general is a positive thing. The moving of economies from competing on a local basis, to embracing and competing on a world market situates the evaluation of trade. Culture Culture: Culture, in sociology is the beliefs, behaviour, language, philosophical trends and entire way of life of a particular group of people at a particular time. Culture includes customs, ceremonies, and works of art, inventions, technology, and traditions. In corporate culture, it can be best described as the shared values and beliefs held by the people in the organisation that unite it and keep it together. These values and beliefs are evident through the rituals, knowledge, myths, language, assumptions and attitudes that exist. It is the sharing of these beliefs that gives the organisation its distinctive characteristics HRM (Human Reassures Management) What is HRM: human resources management is the managing of the company's employees and staff. To firms human resources are arguably their most important assets. And if these assets can be managed effectively then the organisation would be successful in reaching its objectives. To effectively manage these resources HR managers must focus on the motivation of their employees; by using Meslows theory of motivation and providing employees with a sense of belonging then an organisation can effectively reach its objectives. Market entry To enter a different market overseas an MNE can use various methods. An MNE can directly invest in another country's facilities this is known as and FDI.

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