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“All good things must come to an end.” This statement is especially true when discussing the Globe Theatre, an “English theatre in Southwark, London, notable for the initial and contemptuous production of William Shakespeare’s plays by the Chamberlain’s Men (know after 1603 as the King’s Men)” (Globe Theatre). The Globe Theatre was by far the most extravagant theatre in London during that time, attracting noblemen, servants, and everyone in between from all over the country. Although it received much praise over its reign, the theatre suffered through many difficulties, including the Bubonic Plague, a devastating fire, being destroyed by the Puritans, and being rebuilt differently than the style in which it was originally built,
To begin, the Globe theatre’s former success drastically lessened due to the bubonic plague. Not only did it affect the staff and audience members of the theatre, “the bubonic plague […] ravaged London killing over 33,000 people” (Alchin 1). Since so many citizens were killed, the country was focused on finding a cure for the plague and did not have time for frivolous activities such as going to plays. As a result of the epidemic, many of the wealthier men who were a part of the theater left the country while the others had to stay in England but for whatever reason were not able to put on the show. However, even if the playwrights and actors were able to put on the play, there would not be an audience to watch it because everyone was preoccupied by the rampant disease. These factors all resulted in a severe descent in success for the theatre. Even though the bubonic plague was an enormous setback for the Globe Theatre, a far more superior adversity occurred when a fire burned the theatre to the ground. ...

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...passed, the theatre got back on its feet. This pattern emphasizes just how strong some fans’ love for Shakespeare’s plays was. In conclusion, the Globe Theatre is a prime example of how greatness does not come easily.

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