Globalization in china: the good and the bad.

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Globalization has been a very controversial topic through out our word today; China has been a great example of what globalization can do to a developing country. But when we look deeply into the roots of china we realize china may not have benefited as much as some think. China has had one of the richest cultural backgrounds in the world. This majorly changed as globalization worked its way into the heart of china; changing the culture with it. After china opened its doors to free trade it became a central for factory lines. Working conditions changed drastically and factories where created on a way bigger sale. The environment in china has under went many changes in the last two decades, a major contributor of this was when globalization started working in china. Globalization has changed there work force, china’s rich cultural background and there developing environmental issues.
China’s work force has underwent dramatic change over the last two decades. China’s work force has had much stress put on them from translational companies to make products with high efficiency for cheap. A part of globalization is trade and the global market. China has been a good example on how it can have a negative impact on a countries work force. China was a perfect place for translational companies to export there products from there. This has made china an export powerhouse. This has put a huge amount of stress on the work force and caused unnecessary problems to the workers. A big problem that workers face today is the problem of forced labour. With all the demand to get products many labourers are forced to work 36-160 hours “voluntarily to be able to receive there wages at the end of the month. Even if they do work those “voluntarily”...

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...e of pollutants coming from our computers. As well smog has covered much of china’s big cities because of many new factories opening up to satisfy our demands. Overall globalization has not shown the benefits it is known to have. China has been negatively affected from the forces of globalization. Over the course of the year we have learned about globalization and the negative and positive impacts that it brings along, overall i believe from looking deep into china’s situation as well as others we should not embrace globalization but rather resist it and try to look for alternate situations. Right now globalization gives us winners and losers. Global south has very much has been negatively impacted well we have benefited here in global north. Right now there is two much of a gap between the winners and the losers to be a positive situation for everyone in this world.
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