Globalization: Three Challenges For Communication And Global Social Change

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Three Globalization Business Challenges Cozetta Simms Bellevue University Globalization has been on the rise since the 1970’s when the creation of steel transport containers made trading goods easier and cheaper for traders across continents. Since the 1970’s trade has been a huge staple in the American marketplace and has increased the economy of America more than 50%. Although, globalization has been profitable for some businesses, the challenges that companies face with globalization have threatened to impact the global trade market. In this paper we will pinpoint three specific challenges some businesses may face with globalization. We will discuss the impact of culture, societal perception and communication technologies…show more content…
The article entitled Three Challenges for Communication and Global Social Change explores three challenges in global communication; the fragmentation of the field, the paucity of research on policy advocacy, and the links between participation and aid effectiveness. This article gives us an in depth look at how these issues impact the social aspects of business and what can be done to address them. In an article by Ian Bremmer (2015), Bremmer briefly discusses the challenges faced by what he refers to as “The underdog countries.” Apparently, those at the top are forcing the weaker areas to concede and over powering the countries…show more content…
Effective communication routes are needed in order to keep a business running; otherwise the threat of failure becomes a dangerous reality. Akinbile and Oni touch on the topic of technology as it relates to Nigeria in their Meta-analysis titled Assessments of the challenges and benefits of communication technology on the construction industry in Oyo State Nigeria. The issue facing Oyo State is the lack of and expense of informational communication technology in everyday business. The lack of stable power, the absence of people with knowledge to maintain technology systems (BEATTY, 2015) and lack of informational communication technology itself, plays a major role in an underdeveloped countries ability to create and maintain a foundation of communication. The meta-analysis concluded information communication technologies would benefit Nigeria’s markets by way of productivity, knowledge and improve business relations

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