Globalization In The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization (Stephen Gardiner). To begin with, Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. This quote connects to globalization because when it states extraordinary jumps it symbolizes the industrial jump from handheld workers to big mass producing factories. Although Globalization has negative consequences like unbearable conditions poured on the workers, it is beneficial to the global economy because of mass production and healthier diets.
The Industrial Revolution is beneficial to the global economy is mass production, which is the process of
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Only receiving a small amount of money. It explains, “To increase production, factory owners wanted to keep their machines running as many hours as possible. As a result, the average worker spent 14 hours a day at the job, 6 days a week” (Beck 725). The quote explains the working conditions of an average daily worker. Factory workers have long hours working in the factory with dirty, unsafe, dangerous conditions being paid a small amount of money and being harshly disciplined by factory owners. It claims, “Tiny hands repaired broken threads in Manchester’s spinning machines, replaced threading the bobbins, or swept up cotton fluff. The dangerous machinery injured many children. The fluff filled their lungs and made them cough” (Beck 728). This quote connects to the claim because the use of kids in the industry is called child labor they are forcing kids to work in unsafe working conditions producing goods with their bare hands can be dangerous making them repair broken thread in spinning machines can lead to the loss of body parts which is not a safe place for a kid to be in working for an owner. The evidence is clear, Working conditions & living conditions for people made them have to go through these obstacles to help produce these items are unbearable they work tireless hours to earn money for their families but the unsafe environment in their economy outweigh the
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