Globalization In The Global World

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Without a doubt, Global forces have impacted society over the years because of the large manifestation of migration. United States is a country that has a myriad of immigrants that has contributed to the different social influences. I currently reside in Miami, Florida a place where it is filled with African American, Asians, Latino, and Arabs migrants in which influences my life daily. When you live in a part of the United States that is infiltrated with many traditions, languages, and religions, you are able to witness the progression that derives from immigrants. Although I understand and empathize with those Americans that feel threaten by having other cultures challenge their traditions. I think it is vital to point out that the United Stare also economically, politically, and culturally profits from the social forces that contribute to globalization.
For one, international business has positively impacted the global economy in multinational corporations that include productions, sales, and service.
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In order to prosper one must be able to effectively speak with others and blend in. Immigrants like myself tend to keep traditions from their native country, for example, I can speak English and Spanish and my family still practices Quinceañeras. I am certain that when I have children I will try my best to teach my son or daughter about Ecuadorian cuisine and culture because I want them to be aware of their roots. However, through generations, cultures and traditions are often forgotten or no longer reinforced as heavenly. There are many instances of children born in the United States that have Hispanic parents that speak Spanish perfectly that do not know the language. This is the result of Americanization; even I sometimes catch myself identifying more with American culture because of the social forces that affect me
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